World’s Tallest Models Hit the Catwalk

There is a term called high fashion, but this runway show took things to a different level when they featured the tallest models in the world to hit the catwalk. The unique fashion show that was featured in New York had towering models, among the tallest in the world. The group had very unique requirements as they recruited models that had to be at least 6 feet and 4 inches tall (1.9 meters).


The show’s founder, Ekaterina Lisina, is the tallest of the models with a height of 6’9” (2.11 meters). Lisina is known for her records in Guinness Book. She currently holds the title for the world’s longest legs and the world’s tallest model. She says she decided to start the project to highlight what tall models can bring to the industries of fashion and media.

Also joining Lisina are Rachel Mitchell a 6’7” (2 meters), a professional basketball player, and Kyrsten Lindstrom, another 6’7” professional athlete as she plays volleyball. The shortest model to join the team is 6’4” Brooke Rogers. She says she wishes she was taller, especially when she is walking the ramp with this group of lofty models.


Mitchell said that potential suitors are not at all intimidated by her height. She says that smaller men actually enjoy taller models. Before the show, the women receive training on how to walk the runway with high heels. Not all of them are familiar with walking in heels and they have to make sure they are trained, especially when walking up and down stairs. The next World’s Tallest Models catwalk will be in Los Angeles on July 11.

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