Woman tourist who traveled every country reveals her Top 10

Traveling around the world is nearly everyone’s dream, not many would take the plunge and take a tour around the world in different countries, even in countries you would probably be skeptical of going to, this 27-year old woman from the US did just that, traveled the world through 196 countries in just 18 months.


Cassie from Connecticut traveled 196 countries and broke the Guinness world record, we are so awe struck! The young lady was quick to reveal her top 10 list of most favorite countries out of those 196. We’re going from the bottom to the top.

USA: a little surprising to put your home country at the bottom 10, but anyway according to her USA has some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Costa Rica: Cassie loved the South American country and ranked it number 9 in her favorite list, she says it has some of the most beautiful landscape, good music, great food and good ambience.

Peru: A beautiful South American country, Cassie recalls the site of Machu picchu as her favorite place.

Tunisia: She ranked it number 7 because of the beautiful white sandy beaches and clear blue water, she thinks it’s a beautiful North African country.

Oman: Another beautiful coastal country Cassie loved and didn’t want to leave.

Pakistan: A country with lots of beauty and charm, and people just too friendly and hospitable.

Vanuatu: A beautiful country with natural beauty, mountains and waterfalls to mesmerize.

Maldives: No surprises there! A tourist hot spot with stunning beaches and tourist-friendly activities, this tropical island is jaw-dropping beautiful.

Bhutan: At number 2 Cassie thinks this country steals your heart with its raw beauty and stunning landscape.

Mongolia: Here comes the country at the number one spot, she describes the beauty heavenly and too unusual; something that’s unmatched.

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