Woman Saves Butterfly By Performing Wing Surgery on It

Earlier this week, a woman found a butterfly that had an injured wing. This woman took it upon herself to save the insects life by turning her home office into a makeshift operating room and fixing the wing of the butterfly. If the woman hadn’t intervened and performed the “surgery” it would most likely have cost the butterfly its life.


There is a good reason why Romy McCloskey has an affinity towards butterflies. Before her mother passed away, she told her: “Romy, don’t worry. Whenever you see butterflies, just know it’s me checking in on you to let you know I’m OK, and that I love you.” Ever since then, Romy has cherished every moment with a butterfly.


When Romy found the monarch butterfly, she turned her office into an operating room to reattach the torn pieces of wing to the insect. She had a towel, scissors, tweezers, talc, contact cement, and toothpicks. Romy also used the wings of a previously dead butterfly to create new wings for the injured butterfly. The pattern didn’t match, but she was able to completely recreate the entire wing.


“This 3-day-old little boy was born with torn upper and lower wings. Let’s see how we can help!” posted Romy on her social media account, “Securing the little guy down with the bent hanger, as I cut away the damaged pieces. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt. It’s like trimming hair or nails.” Later on that day she set the butterfly to see if she could fly. After a quick rest, the insect took off with its new wings.

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