Woman Plays Violin as She Bikes Across America

Jasmine Reese did not have much with her when she decided to take a trip across the country. Jasmine was at a crossroads in her life and she wanted to do something that would shake her life up and show her new perspectives and open up new experiences. And so with only her bike, her dog, and her violin, Jasmine Reese decided to travel the country.


The journey that Reese had planned out would take her from New York to San Francisco. Reese would rely on the kindness of strangers for accommodations and meals. And while she did not have any money, she wanted to get to know people by offering them her friendship and music. Reese ended up playing her violin in several homes of several people and families across the country.


“I’ve met hundreds of people and all of them have left such an amazing impression on me because they took a stranger and her dog into their homes, fed her and let her become a part their families for that moment in time,” Reese said. “There are people who surprised me, and I learned not to try to presume to know a person based on outer appearances.”

Among the many eclectic people that she met on the way to San Francisco included a man who lived in a shipping container, and a woman who had a collection of antique cars. Reese was constantly amazed at the generosity and kindness of the people she met on her trip. Reese plans to continue with her quest, but this time using a tricycle to travel around Asia.

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