Woman Performs CPR on a Lizard After It Drowns in Her Pool

Earlier this week, 6-year old Casey Hooks ran into the house to tell her mother Amy Hooks that there was a lizard in the pool. When she ran to investigate, she found a small lizard drinking the pool water. She said it was fine and to leave the lizard alone. But little Casey came back a second time and told her mom that the lizard was swimming in the pool. The third time Casey came to his mother, it was to tell her that the lizard had drowned and was at the bottom of the pool.


This time Amy Hooks, who works as a pharmacist, ran outside and saw the reptile turned over at the bottom of their pool in Summerlin, Nevada. She jumped in with all her clothes to save the lizard. She placed the unconscious lizard on the ground beside the pool and administered CPR. She slowly pressed the stomach and chest of the lizard to help it breathe. Aside from pushing the chest and belly of the lizard, Hooks also opened the lizard’s mouth and tried to breathe air into it.


“My instinct kicked in and you have to what you have to do,” said Amy. After an hour of resuscitation, the lizard miraculously came back to life. The revived reptile stuck around for half an hour, but when Amy approached the lizard to pet it, it and it ran off into the desert. Amy said Casey was concerned about where the parents of the lizard were located, but Amy comforted her son, telling him that the lizard will be fine as long as it stays away from swimming pools.

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