Woman Dresses like a Cockroach for City Council Meeting

A woman decided to dress up in a cockroach costume during a city council meeting in Texas to call attention to bug problem that her neighborhood was having. The woman was Patricia Polastri of Corpus Christi. She first tried a slideshow to show council members how insects and rodents had infested the area near her home after palm trees were planted there. But when that didn’t work she brought a bag of dead roaches to the meeting. And when that didn’t work she decided to go bigger.


“Last time I brought you a bag of dead roaches,” Polastri told the council dressed in a full cockroach costume with extra legs and antennae to make her point. “Some of you were offended. So this time I’m bringing you a live one.” Polastri isn’t just concerned about the vermin. She is also worried that people walking the street at night might be obscured by the trees and get attacked.  But Council Member Ben Molina, who walked the median where the trees were planted with Polastri last month, said that there are actually more people in favor of the plants then against them.


“A lot of residents that do live in and around that area, and a majority of the people that reached out to me, are in favor of the landscaping,” Molina said. “That’s why I didn’t push further to have the city address the landscaping issue there, because for the most part, a lot of the residents were in favor of the landscaping.”

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