Woman Calls Police Because She Gets Mushrooms in her Pizza

Getting the wrong food delivered can be very irritating and even frustrating. But while most of us are content in just calling back the delivery place and asking for the right order or making a complaint, there are some people that take it to a whole different level. This woman from Essex called the police when she got mushrooms in her pizza delivery order.


In an audio recording, she can be heard making a complaint in an emergency line:  “I’ve been mugged off by f***ing take-away. I rung up for a number 18 meat feast and she’s trying to tell me nah, you ordered a number eight. I’m allergic to mushrooms so I know for a fact that I didn’t order a number 8, right? And I’ve got a pizza sat here with f***ing mushrooms on it that I can’t eat. £11.99 later and she doesn’t want to help me out or nothing.”


“There’s nothing that frustrates my team more than picking up the phone on a 999 call only for it to be a call which plainly isn’t an emergency and is sometimes a deliberate hoax.” said Superintendent Kevin Baldwin, “This is a very busy time of the year where we are working flat out, so answering a 999 call made by someone who should have a bit more common sense isn’t just infuriating, it could risk the life of someone who really needs us but can’t get through.”

According to Baldwin, the Essex Police department receives 400 hoax or inappropriate calls each month, and that number increases during the summer.

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