Wine and Cheese Actually Boosts Your Brain Power...

There's probably a reason why lovers of charcuterie also happen to be intellectually inclined. Apparently, adding wine and cheese to your semi-regular diet helps with cognitive retention. According to Iowa State University and the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, wine and cheese correlate with a decrease in brain-related issues.

The study asked 1,787 aging adults (ages 46-77) about the frequency with which they ate and drank things like "fresh fruit, dried fruit, raw vegetables, salad, cooked vegetables, oily fish, tea, coffee, beer, and cider." They categorized things as "protective food" if they positively impacted age-related cognitive issues. Red wine showed to be the most impactful.

A quote from Auriel Willette, who spearheaded the study, says, "I was pleasantly surprised that our results suggest that responsibly eating cheese and drinking red wine daily are not just good for helping us cope with our current COVID-19 pandemic, but perhaps also dealing with an increasingly complex world that never seems to slow down. While we took into account whether this was just due to what well-off people eat and drink, randomized clinical trials are needed to determine if making easy changes in our diet could help our brains in significant ways."

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