Why you should stop feeding kids Nutella

The Nutella spread was once a go to breakfast option for many, the delicious spread that looks so tempting, you just can’t help scooping it up, hazelnuts in nutella are meant to boost heart health, cocoa with its fair share of antioxidants and skimmed milk made it a fairly healthy thing to eat early in the morning or anytime in the day when you needed a snack. But recent reports show that the palm oil used in Nutella is not so healthy and might be doing harm to your health.

The Vanillin used in Nutella was also coming under fire, as this ingredient is known to kill brain cells, but before you hold your breath and gasp, however the world health organization deems it safe to consume. There is no evidence that it’s a “neurotoxin” and might kill brain cells. The vanillin used in nutella is synthetic, and is different from natural vanilla, the palm oil used in nutella is modified and doesn’t have the nutrition of real and organic palm oil.

Therefore, you can see the supposedly nutritious snack is not so nutritious after all, it is easy to see that all the ingredients in nutella just like other packaged foods are processed and all processed foods may have long-term health damaging effects. Nutella also has loads of calories in it, 2 scoops of it contains 200 calories, so why would you want to feed your kids a high calorie, unhealthy snack that just tastes good?

There are better and healthier alternatives to feed your kids whether it’s mid day snacking or breakfast. Feeding your kids nutella everyday might not be good for them in the long run.

Still not ready to drop eating nutella? Make your own hazelnut chocolate spread at home, it is easy to make and you can be sure of using all natural ingredients and not the synthetic ones.

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