Why do dogs often behave so badly

There are many surprising reasons of a bad dog behavior, majority of dog owners complain of a bad dog behavior, experts suggest there could be many reasons for such a behavior. Here is the number one reason experts think makes dogs behave badly.

Dogs are very sensitive to sounds

Even if you can’t hear anything, dogs are hypersensitive to high pitched sounds, as well as very low pitched sounds, dogs are sensitive to the sounds originating from far away and most dog owners are totally unaware of it. Consistent unpleasant sounds can make your dog behave in an abnormal way as it could cause a lot of stress for them. There could be sounds in your surroundings your dogs don’t like, so try searching for it.

Bad behavior include fearful behavior or aggressive behavior, this is usually visible when you are out on a walk and your dog hears something, or when there are guests at home.

Dogs don’t like human sounds like shouting or screaming, as well as sound of a blender or a vacuum. When someone shouts at home dogs perceive it as a stressful situation and may express bad behavior. Dogs often exhibit bad behaviors in veterinary clinics, because they can hear other animals. Dogs become stressed out when they are surrounded by other noisy animals.

The common sounds dogs behave adversely to are fireworks, thunder, gunshots, road construction and vacuum. Therefore, if your dog becomes very anxious suddenly, it could be due to these unpleasant sounds, dogs are way more sensitive than we think and the older the dogs get the better adapted they become to a noisy environment.

It’s not possible to make your home totally sound proof to avoid any bad behavior, but you can do things to work around the noises and seek help of a dog therapist or get an anti-anxiety medication for your dog.


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