When This Man Hands a Homeless Woman $283, He Is Stunned at What She Purchases

By 3 years ago

Giving to those in need is rewarding and humbling. Whether you volunteer your time at a local soup kitchen or animal shelter or make donations to charities that give back and help the less fortunate, you know the power of lending a helping hand. This experience was shared by YouTube channel host, Das, when he handed a homeless woman $283 cash. Little did he know this woman had quite an unexpected idea for the funds…

Lending a Hand

As the social media world continues to grow, more and more content companies now have a platform to share their stories and content with the world. One such provider is K3tv, a YouTube channel specializing in social experiments, pranks, and experimental dating, and one video in particular really went viral…

K3tv Popularity

Based in the United States, the channel has earned a sizable following since joining the video-sharing website in November 2014. One of the videos that really blew up for them secretly followed a homeless woman after Das handed her $283 in August of 2015 in Santa Monica, California…

53 Million Views

K3TV now has over 300,000 YouTube subscribers and has produced over 30 videos. Regardless of their low video count, they have received over 53 million views on their content, thanks to a wide range of subject matter featuring everything from comedic, to thrilling and heartfelt topics.

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