What’s wrong with the viral video of a BBC interview?

Recently a video from a live BBC interview was doing rounds on the social media, and by now most of the folks on the Internet have seen the video where Professor Robert Kelly was being interviewed live and was interrupted when his kids walked into the room. We wonder why this became viral in the first place, kids do have a habit of searching for and looking after their parents and they clearly can’t realize that their parents are up to something important, because they are just kids.

Every parent knows that they are distracted by their kids all the time when they’re at home no matter what important task they’re up to, so we wonder what is so wrong with this video? For many it was a delightful and funny video of cute kids just storming into a room where dad was working and being interviewed, and the kids could be seen behind him in the live interview, what caught the eye balls was their mommy ushering the kids out in a panicky way.

Many commentators on social media didn’t like the way their mom dragged the kids out of the room, others suggested she was a bad nanny; though she was not a nanny at the first place! It came out that she was professor Robert’s wife, Jung-a-Kim and due to her panicky and fearful behavior many assumed she was the nanny. Though it’s very easy to fall for prejudices; what sparked a wider conversation was why at the first place was she being assumed a nanny?

This clearly highlighted that just because she appeared Asian and in a rush, she was assumed a nanny, and that’s how a simple funny everyday video became a controversial topic. We can’t see what’s wrong with the video and why it became viral, but assuming an Asian to be a nanny shows a wider prejudice. Despite having so many mixed-race couples around, many people in their subconscious want to believe it just didn’t happen.

Anyway, we loved the video and can’t figure out what was wrong with it, we can’t figure out any bad parenting, the mommy in the video clearly didn’t want her husband’s interview to be disrupted and we all should stop being overly judgmental about how parents raise their kids.



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