“Magic”dog saves his owner from Diabetes 1 complications

Type 1 Diabetes is a less prevalent form of diabetes in which the Insulin hormone is not produced at all, therefore the blood glucose is not regulated as it’s meant to be, a sudden spike in the blood glucose can be dangerous and can lead to complications like Coma and stroke. Blood glucose levels in Type 1 Diabetes are too high and the person suffering from it must check glucose levels every 30 minutes or so.

“Magic” is a special dog who helps detect blood glucose levels of his owner and has saved her from Diabetes-induced complications many a times. You must be wondering how that works, as we know dogs have a very strong sense of smell, Magic however has a superior sense of smell and has been trained to detect a minute shift in the blood glucose levels.

Claire the owner is really grateful for having a dog like Magic and insisted she had used all the devices and gadgets but nothing could come close to Magic’s sugar level alerts, which are always accurate and have saved her life more than 3,000 times. Claire works as a children’s diabetes nurse; Type 1 diabetes is the most prevalent in children and Claire suggests she wouldn’t be alive or be able to do her job if it wasn’t for Magic by her side.

Now Claire doesn’t need to check her glucose levels every 20-30 minutes, she can live a normal life and having Magic by her side gives her so much confidence. Magic sleeps by her side and prompts her every time there is a glucose spike about to happen, Claire says she can’t put into words how happy she feels because of Magic, and her husband doesn’t have to worry about his wife’s health, either.

This shows us that dogs have a highly sensitive bio-sensor and it can be used in illnesses to save lives. Dogs should be given more credit for their service and dogs should receive government funding for their support in illnesses.


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