Why crying is important for your emotional well being

A Roman poet once wrote” It is a relief to weep, grief is satisfied and carried off by tears”, many psychologists do believe in this notion that tears and occasional weeping helps in relieving stress. Life puts us through a lot and sometime it is alright to cry a little bit even if you are a man. According to Aristotle, crying is the “cleansing of mind”, a study in the US suggested that crying helps in relieving psychological tension.

Therefore, you don’t need to suppress those tears when you feel like crying, when you feel let down or hurt or are plainly disappointed, it is alright to cry at times as it’s a response to an emotional stimulus. emotional crying is often accompanied by sobbing and a heart throbbing pain, and it’s still a mystery for the scientific world that why do we cry to an emotional stimulus.

From a scientific perspective crying occurs when your tear glands are affected by an irritant in the air, but that’s totally different from emotional crying, a research suggested that emotional crying brought out more protein in the tears as compared to crying because of an irritant. There are plenty of ideas for why adults cry, when we are infants we cry because we need attention of our caregivers.

Why crying in adults make them feel lighter and less stressed out is still a mystery, the possible theory is it’s just like when we were infants, as adults we weep when we need attention or want our emotions to be heeded, or need support from the loved ones. It’s a way of communicating something we can’t put in words, so adults cry just for the same reasons as infants do; to seek help from friends and family.

So, is it a good idea to let it go at times and cry? Yes, it does help with reducing temporary stress and along with cleansing your eyes it cleanses your mind, too.


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