What’s the buzz about Snap’s Spectacles and where to find them

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media smartphone application among the teenagers, it’s quite popular among the other age groups, as well, the ever growing popularity of the app stirred the makers to come up with something new and innovative that other social media apps haven’t yet experimented with. Snapchat’s spectacles are wearable devices that are similar looking to any cool eye wear, the spectacles are synced with your phone and you can capture snaps using this eye wear.

The spectacles come with a charging case, a USB charging cable, and a cleaning cloth, the spectacles can take around a 100 snaps on a single charge. The spectacles are compatible with both I Phone and Android devices, you can use the spectacles without your phone being nearby and connected to a wireless network.

The spectacles can record videos in HD quality, once you come in range of your phone and WIFI, the spectacles sync with your phone and your snaps are uploaded into your snapchat. Seems like a cool device to use, but the spectacles were pretty hard to find and buy previously. There were a few pop-up vending machines located in big cities where you could buy these cool glasses.

But here is the good news for the fans, these spectacles can be bought online now at $129.99 same as the original pricing (launching soon in March) the glasses come in three colors; coral, teal and black. So, if you’ve been waiting to buy yourself a pair of snap’s spectacles–the wait is over and you can buy them online, and capture snaps on the go while wearing the spectacles.

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