What to expect from Apple’s next I Phone?

A lot of buzz is created before the release of Apple’s flagship I Phones, the latest device by Apple I Phone 8 might release around the mid of 2017, and though I Phone 7 is still a new device in the market, we’ve started hearing tons of rumors about what to expect from the next I Phone. It’s still unclear the next device would be I Phone 7s or I phone 8, but there are certain updates and improvements from the previous device, as always.

Rumor has it that the new Apple’s I Phone might go for a slightly bigger 5.0 inches screen or 5.8 inches screen, the new I Phone might be made of glass and having an aluminum frame. That means that Apple is ditching the metal back design and is going for all-glass back. There would be no home button in the new I phone, the home button will be embedded and invisible, the finger print sensor in the hidden home button will unlock the phone.

For all the AMOLED screen lovers, here comes the biggest rumor, the new I Phone or the “special edition” on Apple’s 10th Anniversary phone might have that amazing amoled display that Samsung users have been enjoying for years. But the Amoled display would only be seen in the high end I Phone device that would cost around a $1000, and the other I Phones expected to release in 2017 are going to have an LCD display.

Another big rumor is that the new I Phone will have wireless charging, so far Apple’s watch had wireless charging– having an I Phone with wireless charging would be a big leap.


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