Hero Driver Sacrifices Tesla To Save Stranger, Elon Musk Pays For Repair Costs

Forty-one-year-old Manfred Kick was just out driving his Tesla Model S when he noticed a man in a Volkswagen Passat was driving rather weirdly along Germany’s Autobahn near Munich.

Kick soon noticed that the man was unconscious, so without hesitation he pulled his car in front of the Passat and braked in order to put the car to a car. Once the out-of-control car went to a full stop, he immediately went in to administer first aid while other bystanders called emergency services.

The story apparently went viral almost immediately, as even Elon Musk, CEO and CTO of Tesla Inc., got wind of the man’s courageous sacrifice.

It’s crazy to think that someone would not only sacrifice their life, but also a car valued north of USD$70,000, without any hint of hesitation to save a stranger.

Fortunately, the man he saved was immediately taken to the hospital and has since recovered.

Things didn’t look so well for Kick, though, as he would’ve had been asked to pay a total of 10,000 euros in combined damage for the incident.

Would’ve, because Elon Musk stepped in to foot the bill.

According to the police officer handling Kick’s case, the brave man is more likely to receive an award than a fine for his actions, as he rightfully should.

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