What happens to your body when you quit Sugar

There are plenty of things sugar can do to your body along with creating Insulin resistance leading to diabetes, too much sugar in your diet not only leads to weight gain, but sugar is bad for your body in many ways, now if you’re thinking that people have always been eating sugar and not every one gets diabetes, we want to be specific and the type of sugar we’re talking about is the white refined sugar, which is the main culprit here.

Sugar is considered the worst ingredient in the modern diet, it instantly spikes blood glucose levels giving you kind of a rush, and if you’ve a sweet tooth like many of us, you must be guilty of eating lots of sugary foods like cupcakes, brownies, donuts and candies. Sugar not only makes you fat, it increases the risk of a heart disease, causes anxiety, depression and insomnia, along with that sugar is very addictive; many people consume sugar in a way that it becomes an addictive behavior.

If you want to quit sugar for the good, you’d feel that your dependency on sugar is finally going away after sometime, you’d not feel any brain fog, be more mentally alert, no bloated skin, and your skin would become clearer and if you’ve had acne issues since teenage–the acne will clear up too. It’s not easy to quit sugar in the beginning, you’d feel terrible, as you’d crave sugar like anything, but after 5,6 days you’d start feeling better.

Digestive issues will go away, you’d feel more energized and satiated, if you don’t want to go cold turkey and quit sugar in all forms, you can still use maple syrup, honey and agave. But white sugar is the main culprit here that makes you crave more and more sugar and you never feel satiated. And yes you can take fresh fruit and dried fruits. Quitting white sugar is great for your skin as it makes you appear more youthful. Sugar is known to attach to the collagen in the skin and cause collagen breakdown, so it’s a win win!

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