Oscars makeup artists share Tips and Tricks you can use

The Oscars are the night of all the glitz and glamor and do teach us a thing or two about dressing up for special occasions, we know months of work go behind to decide celebrity’s look for the event, and there is a team of stylists, makeup and hair artists and designers that work behind the look. Though it might be difficult to recreate those looks for the layman, but thankfully experts do share some tips and tricks that go behind the scene on the Oscars red carpet and we’ve listed down some of them.

Use the setting powder for a long lasting lip color

Using a bold lip color could be tricky because there is often a risk of color fading or smudging all over, but bold lip colors were quite a statement this year in the Oscars, though there are many tricks makeup artists use to make the lip color long lasting and prevent fading, there is one trick we can definitely try and that’s using loose setting powder on the lips to make the color last the entire night. Just dust some loose powder on your lips and apply the lip color to make it last longer.

Prepare your skin before the special night out

Prepping your skin before the special night out is so important, it’s like setting up a canvas before drawing on it–it is very important to exfoliate, tone and hydrate your skin so the makeup goes on flawlessly. Sheet masks have been a celebrity favorite recently, sheet masks come in many types and are pretty affordable, these masks provide instant hydration for the skin and make your skin appear smoother and plumper.

Exfoliate your lips!

This is so important if you have lips that are prone to skin peeling, use a good lip scrub, if you don’t own one, take some brown sugar with coconut oil and scrub away the peeling skin. Your lipstick will go on smoothly and will last longer, too.

Curl your lashes!

Whether you want to use only the mascara or want to pair falsies with your original lashes; always use a lash curler and curl your lashes before hand.

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