Wedding Dresses with Pockets in the Newest Fashion Trend

A recent report revealed how brides are now requesting an addition of pockets for their wedding gowns. It seems that brides see a need for a pocket, even for their big day. Not only is it functional in keeping their prized possessions, but it is also somewhat of a fashion statement. The founder of wedding planner website Bridebook, explains that he found the trend to reflect most of what brides today need.


“The addition of pockets to wedding dresses has gained particular momentum this year and is sure to consider doing so over the next few years,” he says. “From the very top bridal designers to high street bridal lines, we are seeing pockets in wedding dresses being embraced as both a stylish and practical addition. It is perfect for having your phone to whip out for selfies on the dance floor.”

Robin Weil of also agrees, saying that the trend for pockets in gown have been increasing as a result of brides prioritizing their comfort and practicality. He says that they have noticed “this trend now over the last few seasons. I think they’re pretty practical and it looks like lots of brides agree, but they’re more useful for having a tissue rather than your phone.”


Aside from being practical, the brides also prefer pockets simply because it is somewhere to rest their hands, when they are not holding the bouquet, of course. This would not have been possible in previous generations as it would have been considered bad manners to stand in a gown on your wedding day with your hands in your pockets.

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