Wedding Cake Dress Grabs Attention at Cake Competition

By 4 years ago

At the Cake International competition at Alexandra Palace in London, several bakers and cake makers showcase their skills in making the most grand and beautiful cakes. But in this year’s edition, one clear winner would have to be the “Wedding Gowns Through the Ages” cake, which is a cake designed to look like a life size wedding gown. THe cake was made by famous cake maker Emma Jayne Cake Design.


The cake was based on a real dress designed by Mak Tumang. The dress is a streamlined couture wedding dress that has a gray and pink organza ball gown and floral appliqués in the bodice and skirt. According to the bakers, the dress had looked good enough to eat, so it was one of the clear choices for a cake design. The cake has gotten so much attention, mostly because of how much the cake looks like the actual dress.


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