Vlogger Mom Captures Incredibly Rare Birth Phenomenon On Camera

A Florida mom ended up capturing a crazy phenomenon on her personal vlogging Youtube channel.  She nor her midwife knew that this would happen at her home birth, and it was an incredible experience to share to her online community.

Starting up on Youtube!

At the time Amber Nicole started her Youtube channel, she was a mother of two young boys and military wife. She began her channel at the very beginning of her pregnancy journey and wanted to be able to share her story with other families that were going through the same process. She began the project as a fun thing to do and never expected it to fully take off, nor did she expect to capture something incredible!

Amber and Her Husband, Kyle

Amber and her husband, Kyle, had been high school sweethearts. They began dating at 16, got married at 20, and began their life together soon after. During their relationship, Kyle began work in the Air Force. The couple picked up their cozy lives and moved down to Florida from their home in Mississippi with their first child. Kyle’s work then took them to Germany, where their second child was born. They were a small and compact family of travelers!

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