Vending Machines Dispenses Food According to Customer’s Mood

Vending machines are known to be a marvelous invention because it offers products in a quick and convenient way for a relatively affordable price. It also makes things easier because it cuts out the middle man of the salesperson. But this new vending machine does more than just spit out your favorite snack or drink. It also gives you your food based on your current mood.


The vending machine was the brainchild of artists Mark Starmach and Elizabeth Commandeur from Sydney, Australia. They teamed up with several mental health professionals to survey the public and create “Intangible Goods”, an interactive art installation currently shown as part of the Art and About Sydney exhibit.


According to the artists, each intangible good is designed to elicit a specific emotional response, based on the goods that you pick. Physical and physiological needs are often met but rarely are emotional needs of the public addressed. The Intangible Goods vending machine aims to address this problem by donating all of their proceeds to mental health organizations.


Each pack on the vending machine costs around 2 AUD of 1.1 GBP. Their contents vary, depending on the emotional needs of the person. Some contain maps, notes, written prompts, pencils, notepads, and other tools that can help with a person’s mood. Each of the goods was designed in collaboration with mental health professionals.

The goal here is not to immediately change the mood of the person, but rather to enhance their experience so that they can be in a better place mentally and emotionally.

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