Vegetables that are healthy to be bought frozen

Frozen vegetables get shammed at every other health blog, frozen vegetables might not be that unhealthy, it’s the canned food you should avoid with added preservatives. Vegetables are frozen when they’re at their peak ripeness, meaning those are actually more nutritious and full of vitamins than the veggies you buy at the end of the season that are about to be rotten or go bad.

Fresh vegetables are also exposed to a lot of heat and pollution while they’re being shipped, so growing your own or buying from local farms is the best thing to do.

Here are a couple of veggies that are OK to be eaten while frozen:


Peas are best when bought frozen and there are many reasons for that, shelling peas for the lunch and dinner is not on everyone’s to-do-list and certainty requires a lot of time. For busy individuals, it’s always a better option to buy frozen peas and frozen peas do taste better than fresh ones. Frozen peas don’t take any time to cook and are cooked with in a minute or so. Peas can be kept frozen for a year, but we don’t recommend freezing food for that long.


One of the most nutritious veggies on Earth, frozen spinach tastes better and freezing the veggie doesn’t mess with its taste, flavor or nutrition. Washing your greens and then slicing them every time you need to cook them requires around 15-20 minutes,  so save time and buy it frozen. You can also freeze your own for up to a year; wash fresh spinach leaves and add to freezer bags, it’s a better idea to store them in small bags. You can make a spinach puree and freeze that, too.

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