Used Clothes Are Now Available From Walmart

If you find yourself frequenting Walmart, there's some good news in store. As of this week, you can shop for more than just kiddie pools and grills—Walmart will be offering used clothing for sale.

Walmart is the most prominent retailer in the world. The company has partnered with ThredUp, the biggest resale marketplace on Earth. Secondhand items are available online via a ThredUp microsite.

Customers will be able to add ThredUp items to their cart in order to hit the $35 free shipping minimum. Then, ThredUp will send the products from its warehouse to consumers, where customers will be able to return items online through ThredUp or in Walmart stores.

ThredUp serves as a consignment platform. Since 2010, the site has allowed people to send clothing, shoes, and accessories to them for free. ThredUp currently receives roughly 100,000 items per day, which are then priced in one of its five warehouses around the country. ThredUp then photographs each item and uploads it to the site.

ThredUp has partnered with retailers like Macy's, Gap, Madewell, and eBay in the past, offering its expertise to companies as well as an unknown cut of the revenue. For Walmart, ThredUp will serve as another stream of revenue while servicing customers in the market for preowned fashion.

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