“Us” Trailer Sparks Theories About Jordan Peele’s Cinematic Universe

Jordan Peele is back at it. After releasing his critically claimed debut feature film, “Get Out”, in 2017, Peele’s latest cinematic endeavor has finally been revealed—and fans have something to say about it.

The official trailer for Peele’s next nightmare has given people the heebie-jeebies. While it’s not technically considered a sequel to “Get Out”, the Internet has picked out enough similarities between the two films that back up a new fan theory: the movies share a universe.

The theories range from tame to utterly wild. Some people believe that “Us” is a sequel to “Get Out” and that the family is actually the original family from “Get Out” who somehow managed to escape the sunken place and inhabit their bodies.

Whether “Us” could potentially serve as a sequel to its predecessor, Peele has left a fair number of Easter eggs alluding to the two movies sharing a world.

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