Unimaginable Photos That Look Photoshopped But Are Real

It doesn’t matter what artistic profession that you are in. Whether it’s Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design, etc… the majority of us use photos in our work. All of us use photography to set a mood, or to tell a story. We even use it to simply capture events worth remembering. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and it could not be more true.

Digital photography has become extremely popular thanks to its accessibility and speed, but to get the best out of those photographs, some time needs to be spent editing and tweaking them. Photographers spend hours upon hours trying to adjust the image to make it perfect and most of the time they do a wonderful job. It just so happens that the photographs that you are about to see in this gallery are the exception to the rule. Nothing has been touched to make these epic photographs nothing less than spectacular.

This Is What Happens If You Throw Hot Tea Into The Air In The Arctic

Boiling water is closer to evaporating than cold water, so when you throw extremely hot water into a very cold, very dry atmosphere, the smallest droplets are able to cool and evaporate in a dramatic cloud before they reach the ground.

A Galactic Tennis Ball

Once again this photo is untouched. The tennis ball is soaking wet and when you spin it the water starts to shoot off to make the appearance similar to a solar system. This photos is extremely easy to duplicate. Simply get a tennis ball and soak it in water. Next, throw it up in the air with some spin and let the picture taking being!

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