Twitter Responds: What Did You Have In 1998 That You No Longer Have?

1998 doesn’t seem like it was that long ago until you realize it was 20 years ago and those who were born in that year are just one year away from legal drinking age… That’s one way to make you feel old!

People of all ages crowded Eric Bailey’s (@EricVBailey) question about the year of 1998. Some responses were more on-the-nose, reminding us of how much we’ve grown in technology. Others reminisced on their youth in a hilarious manner.

This question wasn’t just for the folks actually living through the weirdest decade, either! Everyone could rejoice about 1998…

What a trip down a not-so-glamorous memory lane! As for Eric’s answer… His may be the best.

1998 was also the year where Jennifer Anniston, Gillian Anderson, and Pam Anderson were at their peaks. Bill Clinton was facing off the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and was created. What a year!

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