Trouble with sleeping at night? Try these counter-intuitive Tips

Around 30% of Americans have some type of sleep disorders and if you too experience with sleep disorders and want to get some peaceful ZZzzs, read on some of the best counter-intuitive sleeping tricks, and we hope you’d get a nice peaceful sleep at night.

Set the right temperature for sleeping

The right room temperature is so important, you shouldn’t either be too cold nor hot, the right room temperature for most people to sleep at is around 18-21 °C , but it may vary for different people and for people living in different parts of the world. Adjust the thermostat in your room to see what works for you.

Do aerobic exercise

Experts say that as little as 10 minutes of aerobic exercise everyday can help you have good quality sleep at night, well you can do aerobic at any time of the day, best is to do it early in the morning, just avoid aerobics right before bedtime.

Don’t use over comforting pillows

Using light cotton sheets instead of heavy and thick comforters, and sturdy pillows is known to improve sleep. Those fluffy and lofty pillows could be hurting your spine and neck, pillows are supposed to give you support and support your spine alignment, if your head is too elevated or there’s no support between the head and the shoulders, you’d have difficulty with sleeping.

Learn to do yoga

Yoga and stretching before bedtime is shown to improve sleep quality, because it lowers the stress and anxiety and helps you catch some good quality snoozes. Research shows that 55% of people who started doing yoga slept better, if you can do yoga first thing in the morning that’s even better.


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