Tourist Saves Sea Turtle in Mexico Beach

In Cozumel, Mexico, a tourist had stumbled upon a turtle that had managed to flip itself on its back. At first the tourist thought the turtle was dead, but when it showed signs of life, the tourist went over and helped the turtle flip back on its right side so it could go back to the beach and eventually the ocean. The video of the rescue has since been posted online and has gone viral.


This all started with a tourist named Steve Booker was headed to the beach to catch a sunrise on a Mexican beach. That’s when he came upon the stranded turtle. It was hard to miss the creature as it was a massive sea turtle. At first, Booker thought that the sea turtle had died, but when he looked closer, he noticed that it was blinking. That’s when Booker came over and flipped the turtle back to its belly. Booker then followed the turtle as it crawled back to the beach.


Most sea turtles spend the majority of their life in the sea. But most species of sea turtles return to land to lay their eggs. Sea turtle mothers will travel hundreds of miles to the beach where they were born to create a nest at the beach and lay their eggs. Sea turtles are an important part of the sea and the ocean’s ecosystem, but poaching and pollution have made most of them endangered and vulnerable to extinction. One of the many dangers to sea turtles are the nets that fishermen use to catch fish. Sea turtles can get caught in the nets and drown.

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