Tourist Posts Photo of Disappointing Photo of Hotel Pool Next to Promo Photo

Earlier this week, a tourist posted a photo of a hotel pool where she was staying at alongside a picture of the promotional picture of the same pool. Although it was the same pool, the different angle and lighting of the promo photo makes it look bigger and grander than it actually is. The post has since gone viral and people have been laughing and ridiculing the stark difference of the pool pictures.


Tourist Jenny Kershaw posted two pictures side by side. One picture is of a promotional picture of a hotel’s pool. It looks big, beautiful, and elegant. The other picture was a photo taken by Kershaw herself of the same pool in real life. The pool looks very small and not as inviting as it was advertised. The stark difference and the disappointment of Kershaw have since made the post viral.


A representative of the website made a comment on the post. She said that the website has over “150 million verified reviews left by real guests that customers can reference to get an authentic impression of the actual experience at each and every place to stay on its platform.” The representative also added that “only customers who have actually stayed” at one of the properties listed on the website site can leave reviews, which are “never edited in any way.”

But the representative also said that there is a potential disconnect with the property’s presentation on its platform and it takes “the matter seriously” and seeks to “make adjustments so that it’s setting accurate expectations for its customers.”

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