Top Mistakes people make in their Resumes


The way you write your resume can make it or break it for you, you can get called for your dream job or it can be ignored like thousands other, a resume expert who has had read many resumes overtime shares the common and most frequent mistakes people make in their resumes and these little mistakes do matter in this competitive job market.

Typing errors

Highly common; sloppy words and typing errors are the most common mistakes found in resumes, if you’re not meticulous and make such sloppy mistakes the employer would consider you lazy and clumsy and wouldn’t bother reading the rest of the CV. A CV should have a professional font and no typos at all.

Don’t use words that are done to death

In the introduction most people use words like “team player” and “proactive” that are a big turn off, you should try using new words and meaningful and relevant information, the English vocabulary is full of great words; be a little imaginative.

Don’t stick with an overused template

Don’t use resume templates that are frequently used and found online, this doesn’t show the personality of the applicant and shows as very run-of-the-mill-type. Using a template that every other job seeker has used is a big turn off for employers.

Write a short introduction summary than a long essay

Lastly, a common resume mistake is writing a long summary or introduction at the top of the CV, it sounds very boring having to read too many adjectives. Instead stick with listing your achievements that’s more appealing for a reader.

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