Do you know what Marijuana does to your body

Like all other drugs Marijuana has many effects on the body, some of these effects are positive but temporarily and long-term effects are quite negative. The drug is pretty tough to study; it does help with temporary pain relief and certain forms of epilepsy. Though more research is needed in studying its benefits and the potential harmful effects, the addictive properties of marijuana like other drugs cannot be ignored.

The thing about marijuana that makes people get addicted to it is it makes one feel good and can cause euphoria, it activates the brain’s reward system and makes you feel very happy. Marijuana has therapeutic effects and that’s why its medicinal purposes are getting rid of chronic pain. The drug is legal to use in some parts of the US, but its therapeutic effects and long-term uses still need a lot of research.

Marijuana can help reduce inflammation and pain in painful arthritis, and it can help with certain forms of epilepsy for example rare childhood epilepsy and seizures. The negative effects of this drugs are that it makes your heart race, it increases the heart rate instantly, the heart rate can increase up to 20 to 50 beats a minute. Using this drug can mess with the balance, coordination and posture of your body.

Though many use it as a treatment for depression, it can put some people at higher risk of developing depression and insomnia. This drug interferes with short-term memory and can cause long-term memory loss overtime. Researchers show that smoking this drug can cause shrinkage of some parts of the brain, though this claim still needs more conclusive research and evidence.

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