Tonic the Cat Is the New Star of Pet Sematary

Among the many things this year is giving the public, a new adaption of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary is now tacked onto the list. The question at hand, however, wasn’t the casting of the protagonist Louis Creed, nor determining how to refresh the narrative of a grieving family and a terrifying magical cemetery. Everyone wanted to know: who would be playing the role of Church?

The newest celebrity animal on the scene is a Maine Coone who was made for camera. His name is Tonic and he certainly knows how to work his angles.

Tonic, like his kitty peers, is actually not considered a “classically trained actor.” He was a rescue who was taught how to act by his trainers. He recently meowed his way onto the red carpet for his spotlight moment wearing a svelte plaid tie. What a cutie!

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