Tokyo Unveils Karaoke-Themed Ferris Wheel

The city of Tokyo is known for many tourist attractions and places to visit. One of the most popular places in the global city is the famous Tokyo Dome City entertainment complex, where there are many stores and rides for locals and tourists to enjoy. But earlier this week, the complex announced that it would be making an improvement in one of their rides. They will be adding karaoke machines in some of the cars of its Big-O Ferris wheel. The project is a joint collaboration with the karaoke company Joysound.


Most visitors ride the Big-O to see the amazing view at great heights. Even at night, they can enjoy the amazing landscape of the city of Tokyo, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. But now riders can choose from 8 gondolas that have been upgraded to include a karaoke machine. Each machine is top of the line and features an assortment of songs including more than 50 classic pop tracks and modern contemporary songs. Each of the cars can seat up to four riders.


The Big-O was already one of the more popular rides in the complex, and it is sure to receive more riders with the addition of the karaoke machines. Each trip on the Big-O costs around 800 yen ($7.50) per 15-minute trip. The ticket pricing is the same for riding the gondolas with the karaoke machines. On the park’s official website, they have declared the Big-O to be the world’s first Karaoke Themed Ferris Wheel ride.

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