Tips by Fitness Trainers for losing weight fast

Weight loss is an elaborate topic and doesn’t work like black and white, everyone has a different body and you should understand what works for your body. Fad diets were out long time back and fitness trainers now support going with the natural tendency of the body to gain or lose weight, and totally discard crash diets and unhealthy and quick fixes of losing weight. It should be understood that the quicker you lose weight the faster you gain once you stop with the crash dieting, so it’s a big No.

Fitness trainers share the tips that have worked for most people who have successfully shed off weight up to a 200 pounds.

Walk 10,000 steps a day

Try walking around 10,000 steps a day or somewhat near that, it’s very easy to track your steps with a smartphone app or a fitness tracker, you don’t need to do a strenuous gym session and fatigue yourself, just walk a bit more and be more active. Walking a certain number of steps everyday is attainable; taking the stairs everyday instead of elevators works for many, too.

Cook meals at home

Cooking meals like in the good old days has worked for many people in making them lose weight; cooking at home should be fun, and you don’t have to stop eating but being more conscious of your food choices is what works. If your body reacts to a certain food or ingredient badly–stop eating that.

Seek some motivation

It’s always a good idea to look for fitness groups and motivation groups and be a part of them, when you get the right support and don’t feel isolated and ashamed of your weight that really helps you in losing weight. If you have a partner or a friend with you to help you in your aim that’s even better. Support, motivation and counseling is what keeps you going.


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