This Travel coffee mug changes the way you drink coffee

With so many travel mugs out there to choose from, we stumbled upon this travel mug by Ember that controls temperature and maintains the temperature you want for longer and it can be controlled via a smartphone app using blue tooth. This travel coffee/tea mug is revolutionary because it keeps your coffee and tea warm and at the temperature you want for up to 2 hours. Ember has a very seamless and simple design with no buttons or special instructions to follow.

You can rotate the bottom of the travel mug and change the temperature, you can even remotely adjust the temperature of your coffee mug using the smartphone app, now this is what we call an innovative design. Now you don’t have to worry about your coffee being too warm or too cold, it can stay at the same temperature for hours and the mug is travel friendly, so you can keep it in your car.

Ember can be bought online or at select Starbucks locations.

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