Woman proposes boyfriend with a bouquet of Doritos

A cute and creative proposal video always makes our day, could you imagine someone proposing to their boyfriend carrying Doritos bouquet? This really happened at a hockey game in Canada, a woman proposed to her boyfriend at a Vancouver Canucks hockey game holding a bouquet of Doritos ketchup roses.

The proposal happened during the Puck shuffle game, the man was taking part in the Canucks puck shuffle game, this game involves winning a mystery prize by following three hockey pucks on the screen.

But there was an unexpected prize and surprise for the Canucks fan Brandon when the prize under puck number three said, “will you marry me” his girlfriend Amanda popped the question and it was too sweet to look at. The best and unique part of the proposal was the bouquet, these are limited edition Doritos ketchup roses that are only available in Canada, what a sigh!

And these Doritos roses are real, we are not kidding


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