This Pineapple Hack Is Taking the Internet by Storm

Everyone knows the worst part of eating pineapple is the long arduous process of peeling and slicing the fruit to avoid chowing down on its prickly exterior. Not anymore! Game of Thrones actress Lena Heady, A.K.A. Cersei Lannister, took to Instagram to share a genius hack that shocked pineapple-lovers everywhere.

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In the video, the trick doesn’t appear to be anything fancy. But…how did nobody know about this before?

Before everyone lost their minds, it was revealed that the crazy hack really only works on a specific kind of pineapple: the Gomos de mel. This variety of pineapple is smaller and juicier than a regular pineapple. It was later specified that the trick actually can work on regular pineapples, so long as they’re extremely ripe.

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