This Horse Is Famous For How Stupid (and Cute!) He Is

Tango the horse became very popular when his owner began to share his hilarious antics on Twitter.

Tango is a very sweet horse who, unfortunately, doesn’t know up from down. Here is he eating from the barren side of the grass when he has the freshly cut grass pushed into his enclosure.

This is Tango after he dumped out his food and then proceeded to beg for more.

Here, we have Tango standing out in the rain when he does, in fact, have a barn to go into that is readily available for him. He refuses.

Most importantly, this is Tango looking dead on Google Maps. No, he is not dead, it’s just how he sleeps. His owner even said many people come up to their door to tell them their horse is dead.

Nope, just sleepy! His owner is devising a way to make this sign a reality.

All in all, Tango is just a sweet and lovable loaf who isn’t ready to take on the real world just yet.

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