These Hilarious Kitties Love Their Christmas Trees!

It’s no secret that cats are super weird. No matter the cat, they always seem to have very similar interests, such as cardboard boxes, playing with marbles, and of course, strings. Another thing that is shared among many cat owners is their bizarre obsessed with Christmas trees.

Every year, cat owners have to fend off their poor tree against the claws of their curious cat. One Twitter user decided to make a hilarious game out of it.

Can’t find him? Don’t worry, he literally blends in with the tree and is in the most bizarre place.

Hopefully, he got down okay! Other users took this as an opportunity to share their weird cat doing weird cat things.

This little tux got a little spooked when his owner found his new hiding place!

This little guy simply can’t help himself…

And, of course, you can’t have a compilation of Cats and Trees without the inevitable…


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