This Girl Perfected the Long Con and Pranked Her Dad into Eating Something Terrible

In 2016, Judy Brown had a stroke of evil genius. Her favorite holiday pastime was to bother her dad. She decided to do something truly sinister—replace a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates with chocolate-covered Brussels sprouts.

Her dad fell for it, and, needless to say, he was less than pleased. The following year, Judy’s dad avoided the Ferrero Rochers at all costs, despite the chocolate-and-hazelnut treat being his absolute favorite. That meant Judy had to figure out how to trick her skeptical father into eating them once again…so she got to work.

While her dad was out, Judy dipped the sprouts in chocolate and rolled them in chopped hazelnuts to recreate the famous Ferrero Rocher look. But how did she fool him this time?

Judy rewrapped and sealed the box of Ferrero Rochers with a small dab of glue, and then hid them amongst a tasty bag of gifts from her aunt. The next evening, her dad eyed the chocolates suspiciously. The box still seemed intact, and his daughter had been out all day. He abstained from his cravings.

Then, finally, on Christmas morning, Judy’s dad succumbed to the urge for chocolate. He examined the chocolate carefully, and finally took a bite…

Only to realize, to his horror, that it was indeed a Brussels sprout. Judy knows his revenge prank will be just as bad, but she knows it was all worth it.

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