How The Royal Family Eats on Christmas

Trying to dine like royalty? Look no further! The former chef to the Royal Family is spilling his secrets on his perfect Christmas dinner. And, it’s actually pretty easy!

The family first starts off with potted shrimp, which is the Queen’s favorite.

“At Balmoral Castle, the Queen would receive a delivery of Morecambe Bay shrimp each week to be served at afternoon tea with hot crusty Melba toast, so the spicy shrimp butter would melt into the toast,” says McGrady.

Then, they were dive into a Beef Bourguignon, which is another Royal family favorite.

Alongside the main dish, McGrady also cooked up some bubble and squeak, which is just shredded brussel sprouts with onion and bacon.

Another side dish is mashed potatoes with kale and goat cheese, which is an odd but delicious twist!

Lastly, the dessert is a decadent date and apple pastry. Can’t go too crazy with it!

Now, you can easily dine like the Queen.

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