This Dog Collar Can Protect Your Furry Friends from the Summer Heat

Protecting your pup from the scorching summer weather is essential to their health and happiness. Dogs are unable to sweat, which makes panting their only deterrent against fatigue and heatstroke.

If dogs succumb to heatstroke, they can experience symptoms like vomiting, dehydration, loss of appetite and loss of consciousness. Luckily, one company has invented a product that might be able to help.

The K9 Chill cooling collar is worn like a bandana with a leash hole that allows you to keep Fido’s name tag on at all time. Activating the collar is easy—just run cold water on the cloth and slip it over their head.

The collar may seem like an obvious solution to a simple problem, but its sky-high ratings speak for its effectiveness. It comes in two sizes, which are designed for small to extra large dogs, in a signature blue.

Reviewers recommend re-dampening the collar every few hours or freezing it overnight if your dog will be spending long days in the sun.

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