This College Bathroom Is Home to a Mysterious Danny DeVito Shrine

The last thing anyone expects while leaving a restroom is to stumble across…well, this.

The bizarre shrine to our lord and savior Danny DeVito has seemingly manifested behind a paper towel dispenser in this Purchase College bathroom. We knew art school was weird, but “weird” might be an understatement in this particular circumstance.

Last month, a student invited the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia icon to visit Purchase for the “secret room that worships [him].” Since going viral on Tuesday, news of the hidden room and its unsettling altar spread through the student body like wildfire.

While students refuse to reveal the precise location of the bathroom in which the shrine is located, it’s apparently been on campus for a while. There’s even a small handwritten placard instructing parishioners of the Church of DeVito to “Leave An Offering for Our Lord and Savior Danny DeVito, Patron Saint of Trash Men.” If you’re paying the campus a visit, make sure to try and find it so you can offer Danny an egg in this trying time.

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