This Car Pays Homage To This Guys Favorite Candy: Reese Peanut Butter Cup

Rumors were swirling at the sight of a Reeses Cup car traveling around Tennessee. No one knew who exactly it was, prompting Reese’s to take it into their own hands.

The owner of this car went above and beyond with this. It wasn’t just spray painted with an, “I love Reeses!” No, no. It’s completely wrapped, head to toe. It’s pretty much a driving candy wrapper!

Eventually, they found the man: Lavoy Sales. He is a professional car detailer (makes sense). He got it wrapped just to make people smile, as well as entertain his two daughters.

The Sales family also buys huge bags of Reese’s candies and hands them out to strangers as an act of kindness. Anything for a smile!

Hershey’s is still figuring out a way to pay homage to the candy fanatic as an appreciation! Who doesn’t love such a dedicated fan?


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