This 5-Star Pet Spa Is the Epitome of Luxury for the Pooches of the Elite

The wealthy and elite are famous for pampering their pooches. From Parison Hilton’s two-story air-conditioned doggie mansion for her $13,000 Pomeranians to Barbra Streisand’s $50,000-a-pop cloned dogs Mrs. Violet and Mrs. Scarlett, people who can afford to treat their dogs like royalty certainly love to indulge. And with Miami’s Oceana Bal Harbour’s pet spa, the best of the best is now accessible to its residents.

Oceana Bal Harbour’s condos range from around $3.9 million to $19.85 million, not including the $35 million penthouse. Now, residents of the luxury homes are being offered a pup-tastic amenity: a 5-star pet grooming spa.

Dogs can indulge in doggy massages, sunbathing, deep fur conditioning, “pawdicures,” Yappy Hour, and fashion shoots beside Jeff Koons’ art sculptures. It’s a canine lover’s dream come true.

The spa recruited South Florida’s Insta-famous friends, Remix the Dog, Puck the Pup, and Mallow the Frenchie, to a day of glamor and pampering. And boy, did they seem to enjoy it.

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