Things you need to do before 8 AM every day

In order to make your life easier you have to simplify things and go back to the basics; by making these basic changes you’d feel a big difference in yourself and your approach towards life, you can decide what you want from your life and how to effectively reach your goals.

Remember, you’re the designer and responsible of your own destiny and now is the time to make a change, don’t let others decide for you or try to change your fate, so be more responsible and at the same time live every moment of your life. Do these things every morning before 8 AM.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is as important as eating and drinking, if you don’t want to be among the 60% adults in America that experience some sort of sleep problems, sleep early and wake up early and sleep at the same time everyday. What it’ll do for you is increase your memory and concentration, less stress, less risk of depression and longer life.


We can’t stress enough the importance of prayer and meditation, meditation makes you feel positive and increases gratitude for everything in life.


The healthiest and happiest people on the earth do regular exercise, whether it’s gym, a yoga session or at your home just get your body moving.

Have a protein-rich breakfast

You should consume 30 gm of proteins for breakfast, make a breakfast of eggs, milk, cheese, Greek yogurt, avocado, walnuts, and flaxseeds; you can add jalapeno, onions and red pepper in your egg scramble to make up for proteins. Or you can make a quick smoothie.

Take a cold shower

Yes, only if you can tolerate, this helps you get out of your comfort zone and the benefits are not only for the hair and skin, it improves immunity and circulation, releases stress, helps in curbing depression.

Write a journal

Put down into words your worries, your goals and ambitions everything in a little paragraph every day, and you’d feel a great change in how you view your life. Read! Try reading one book every week, it’ll change your perspective.


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