These Gingerbread Creations Will Blow Your Mind

‘Tis the season for one of the most frustrating things to do as a family: gingerbread houses! People from all over the country flocked to North Carolina for the 26th annual gingerbread competition, and these creations will blow you away.

Of the 195 entries, the age range spanned from just five years old to elders! The compeition garnered over $25,000 to give away to the winners of each age catetory.

Obviously, creativity is a factor here. The normal, run-of-the-mill houses just won’t cut it with this compeition! Along with being creative, competitors had to focus on “overall appearance, originality/creativity, difficulty, precision and consistency of theme.”

The structures needed to be made of at least 75% gingerbread, meaning that the rest is up to the person making the masterpiece! The best part was that they didn’t need to be just houses. You could really get creative with it!

This gingerbread owl got first place in the children age group, and rightfully so!

Has this inspired you to get your friends and family together for a little holiday fun? Or are you reminded of gingerbread house past, where things just didn’t come out to your particular vision…

One thing is for sure: These creations can’t be beat!

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