These are the Most Common Recurring Nightmare Themes

People on Twitter are sharing their most horrific recurring dreams and it’s…interesting, to say the least.

From messing up drink orders to missing events to running from giant lobsters, it seems like people need to lay off the hot wings before bed.

Some people are chased by demonic animals…

While others fall victim to the wrath of a self-driving car…

It seems like the most prominent factor in everyone’s recurring dreams is stress.

We’ve all been there—trying to keep someone or something safe, being chased by an unseen entity, feeling as though we’re trapped and can’t escape. The best way to avoid nightmares is to reduce stress as much as possible. Other possible causes of bad dreams include sleep deprivation, changes in your sleep schedule, or various sleep disorders. Either way, nobody likes to wake up in the morning feeling scared and restless. At least we can take comfort in knowing that other people are having dreams that are just as unsettling.


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